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Financial Support

Funds raised by the SBC volunteers will be dedicated to projects determined by the Board of Directors to benefit a maximum number of Corvallis High School student athletes and to provide the best experience and encourage excellence in all athletic programs.

The following are funded by the SBC on an annual basis:

  • Concussion Baseline Testing and Evaluation Program for All Student Athletes

  • Supplies and Equipment for the CHS Athletic Training Room 

  • Certificates/Lettering Supplies for All Student Athletes

  • Concession Stand Permits for All Sporting Events

  • Special Projects/Equipment for CHS Sports Programs

Community Support

The SBC volunteers will work to promote a winning school spirit and encourage participation in and attendance at Corvallis High School athletic events.  They will lead by example, promoting team unity, supporting strong moral character and good sportsmanship.

SBC Members

Steve Sullivan

Curtis Davis 

Elaine Markley

CHS Athletic Director
Salvador Munoz
Board Members
Rebecca Badger
Tera Bluhm
Michele Dobson

Steve George
Nicole Gregg
Tim Martin

Shahnaz Sahnow
Shelli Sartain
Kristin Silbernagel
Carleen Sullivan

Contact the SBC:

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